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SPROUTBOX is a company born of frustration by two friends  Barbara Griffin and Kate Plumb. They met when Barbara was presenting a talk for Nerd Nite Lincoln on “Licking Churches’ . This was actually about appreciating architecture in new ways. Nerd Nite which was an evening of talks, live music, art and always a little bit of mischief,  run by Kate. At Nerd Nite the pair became Nuclear Confusion, where they brought large scale interactive science experiments to the general public. Such as their homemade giant smoke canon, constructed from a shower curtain and dustbin, shooting cups off the heads of the participating audience. 


Sproutbox is a Lincoln-based architectural firm with a highly-qualified and experienced team of architects, designers and business professionals. Sustainability is the beating of our business. We provide homegrown, innovative design in sustainable (“green”) housing, with the aim of improving happiness, well-being and quality of life for our clients. We aim to disrupt long-standing traditions in the way our homes are constructed, through a combination of emergent technologies and long-forgotten building techniques. 


All our services are bespoke, designed and built around individual client needs.




Our work is always underpinned by:

Equality and Diversity




Communities and People


Integrity is at the heart of our sustainability ethos “We are dedicated to upholding values of integrity and sustainability, which we maintain in all our business relationships. We believe in developing close and in-depth relationships with our client-partners, based on understanding and trust, so we can deliver successful outcomes for them.”

At SPROUTBOX everything we do is underpinned by design and functionality, but utilising our knowledge on environmental sustainability. ​Good architecture is felt, we strive for the aesthetic but also the sense that you are in a well designed building and environment.  

Links: https://www.blmforum.net/mag/sustainability-at-heart-of-new-lincolnshire-business/


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