Griffin & Plumb’s new children’s environmentally conscious range of wallpapers, fabrics and limited edition prints. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, my room had the uninspiring wood chip painted white, however I recall with great fondness the rooms of my friends. I’d spend hours looking at their characters and creating little adventures for them to go on. It was very much a part of childhood, and we wanted to recreate that. Taking our influences from vintage wallpaper, books and objects from the 70s and 80s. 


Wallpapers were first designed for children in the Victorian era, and were at first educational. The very first designs were mainly nature inspired, we have retained this, but added the whimsical. In our “Written In The Stars” mural there are the ancient tales of “The King and Queen Of The Night” We have included these tales to be read to children, to become a part of a bedtime routine. Familiarity being a real part of the comforting environment needed for a child to flourish. 


We believe that surrounding a child with beautiful, magical wallpapers help develop children’s imaginations, storytelling and appreciation of nature. Griffin & Plumb, designing spaces to play and dream. 

“Written In The Stars” forms part of the eco-friendly “Midnight Woodland” range of wallpapers, fabrics and prints by Griffin & Plumb. 


With planets and I Love You written in the stars there is plenty to entertain and discover in this series of prints. But I must give a special mention to our King and Queen of the night sky. 


The vain queen Cassiopeia has always captivated me.  A boastful queen, certain of her own and her daughter’s beauty. As the tale goes, the queen announces to all that she and her daughter are more beautiful than the nymphs of the sea. In anger, the sea-god Poseidon sends the sea-monster Cetus to attack the city that the queen rules together with her husband King Cepheus and their daughter, Andromeda. 


The king is told he can save his city by sacrificing his daughter. The king does so by chaining Andromeda to the rocks just off the shore of the city. 


Thinking Cassiopeia has not suffered enough, Poseidon casts her into the stars for ever more. She takes pride of place among the Milky Way. In the night sky, the long-suffering Cepheus stands next to his wife Cassiopeia, for all eternity. 

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