We hope that working systematically through the steps above will lead to positive outcome from any planning application submission we make. However, sometimes planning applications are rejected no matter how prepared we are. 


The planning appeal process is a process you can undertake if an application is refused. This includes an assessment of whether we think an appeal may be successful and also alternative options. 


Our service at this stage typically includes: 


  • A site visit by our lead planner dealing with the case and detailed consultation with you. This allows us to get an invaluable understanding of your case.

  • All necessary liaisons with your Council and the Planning Inspectorate.

  • All necessary research including Council and Government policies and other decisions which may be relevant to your case.

  • Preparation and submission of all documentation.

  • Presentation of your case either by a full supporting statement or orally at a hearing or public enquiry if required. Using professional planning arguments, our presentation would answer the type of questions the Planning Inspector may have, challenge the Council’s assumptions and set out in detail why their decision should be overturned.

  • We will always suggest the best type of appeal based on your situation.