School Programme

At SPROUTBOX sustainability is at the heart of our business, and so we understand that it needs to be taught at grassroots level, which is why we have developed our school programme, we look at sustainable living and architecture. Teaching our children will have a huge impact for our earth’s future. Let's change habits for a lifetime, and for generations to come.

Learning through doing is fundamental to our ethos for our schools programme. SPROUTBOX have developed an innovative pedagogic approach to educating children about the environment, sustainability, community and architecture.

The team has extensive experience with designing interactive workshops focused on architecture and design over the past twenty years.

Central to the workshop is play and story telling. We have created the Bumble play den made from recycled plastic/ply and a set of easy to read instructions so that children can build a space that they can call their own as part of the workshop. SPROUTBOX have created beautiful story books that are used to educate children about the environment whilst being entertaining and fun. 'Where have all the trees gone?' is a  touching tale about the environment and the how we are interrelated with it.

Where have all the trees gone?- Book written and illustrated by SPROUTBOX
FOCUS: Sustainability and the environment

This book will contextualise the workshop and open the discussion around sustainability and the environment. Following the story we will play an interactive game that looks at materials, sustainability, the importance of respecting nature etc.

Bumble Den
FOCUS: Architecture, Materials and the community

Children will work together to build the dens with the help of the workshop team. Prior to the build there will be discussion about the animals in The Last Tree in the City and how animals build dens, essentially architecture. A short game matching the animals with the kind of ‘house’ they live in.
Following this the children and team will think about how to lay out their community of dens and discuss how outside space might be used and how community will interact in those spaces. Trees will be placed in relation to the dens so that the children apply their learning from the Last Tree in the City and their understanding of animals houses in how they build their own community.

Sproutbox collaborate with other organisations and professionals to give something back to the community and to help ensure that tomorrows generation will truly protect this planet.

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