Where have all the trees gone? Written by Kate Plumb and Illustrated by Barbara Griffin.

A touching tale about the environment and the how we are interrelated with it.

Our story begins in the middle of the night, in the middle of a city. And ends, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a forest. Join Autumn, Blink, Pellet and Co on their journey of discovery about the importance of trees in our cities. How we are connected to, and rely upon this relationship. A story of leadership, and the collective strength of the smallest of creatures to overcome Treeminator, who leaves a path of destruction in its wake. 

Midnight Woodland ABCs. Written by Kate Plumb and Illustrated by Barbara Griffin. (COMING SOON)

Our latest offering is aimed at pre-school children, and invites a look at nature and planets. 

Follow the woodland creatures on their journey through the galaxy from tea-time to bed-time. The Earth spins and plays with the moon. Where the animals wash under the giant umbrella and “I Love You” is written in the stars. As the little ones yawn their way to zeds zzzzzzzz. 

Goodnight one and all

The big and very small.


At SPROUTBOX inline with our sustainability ethos, we have started an urban tree planting strategy together with schools and communities. We aim through our combined planting strategy and book to assist schools in the planting of much needed urban trees and teaching about sustainable living. Sustainability is at the heart of SPROUTBOX and we understand that this needs to be taught at grassroots level. Which is why we have developed our school programme. We look at the interrelation of sustainable living and architecture, and how they can co-exist together. Teaching children will have a huge impact for our earth’s future. Let's change habits for a lifetime, and for generations to come. We want to bring trees and wildlife back into an urban built environment. Trees don't just belong in the countryside. They are hugely important in absorbing pollution and benefit our sense of well-being.

Help SPROUTBOX bring green back into UK cities. 

Language: English
Dimensions: A4 Landscape
Recycled paper and card FSC 

Also available as an E-Book
Printed in UK
Written by Kate Plumb Illustrated by Barbara Griffin of by SPROUTBOX

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