Ethical Statement & Policy

SproutBox Ethical and Environmental Statement 


It is estimated that the construction process and servicing of buildings is responsible for 50% of the UK total carbon emissions. Accordingly, at SproutBox we are committed to following environmental best practise and minimising our carbon footprint in all our activities. We aim to implement a code of practice that meets both our ethical and environmental objectives, as well as our clients’ expectations for high quality designs.


In all our activities, SproutBox undertakes to:


  • Minimise reliance on non-renewable energy.

  • Responsibly source all materials and eco-friendly products.

  • Select and utilise appropriate renewable energy systems.

  • Protect and where appropriate enhance biodiversity. 

  • Minimise waste and increase recyling where commercially possible.

  • Improve the environmental efficiency of our transport and travel. 

  • Promote tree planting and the retaining and restoration of existing hedgerows. 

  • Undertake health and well being assessments on all key planning decisions.

  • Participate in collaborative engagement with community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of those groups (e.g., transparent reporting and collaborative decision making).

  • Implement regular reviews and monitoring of performance and procedures against these environmental objectives and targets.  

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