BECAUSE...... Play is the highest form of research- Albert Einstein


Introducing The BUMBLE, manufactured from sustainable materials, it can be used on it's own or combined to become the ultimate children's den. At SPROUTBOX we dedicate the same care and planning into our products for children that parents dedicate to raising their children. We utilise high quality sustainable materials, welcoming children into a world where their imaginations can run free.

Building a den should be a part of every childhood, it's fantastic for reinforcing a sense of identity. Not only is play special, but is it also fun, and it is essential to a child’s development. Play is one of the most important means by which children learn. Play dens are essential is in, their own worlds which only they command, a place in which to think, create, imagine, make choices, solve problems, take risks, make rules, break rules and communicate with one another. Children learn more efficiently and effectively through play.

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